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*Online bookings can be made up to 5am on the day for morning departures and 12pm for afternoon travel. Specials are not valid on Public holidays.

-For all other specials please follow us on Facebook & Twitter

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Stand-By fares (not available on public holidays)

-These are for seats that are not pre-booked prior to departure

-Any sector fare on any one leg will be the cost of $20.00 (cash only) per person each way

-All runs subject to demand & weather

-Stand-By seats are from Central Pick-Up points to Central Drop-Off points

Christchurch= Christchurch Bus Exchange 72 Lichfield Street

Dunedin= Dunedin Railway Station, Picton=Picton Ferry Terminal (from 7th November)

Queenstown=The Station Building

Blenheim= Blenheim Railway Station (from 7th November)

Kaikoura=pickup at bus stop outside Fish Tank Backpackers(heading to Picton, from 7th November)

Kaikoura=Pickup at 1 of 3 bus stops at public carpark West End, (heading to Christchurch from 7th November)

-All passengers must report 15 minutes prior to departure

-These are for seats that are not pre-booked prior to departure -Stand-By fares are not available due to No-Shows or passengers who have failed to join

-Passengers have to approach the driver directly and after the driver has finished loading passengers

-He will advise if he has a Stand-By seat available

-These are for seats that are not pre-booked prior to departure

-Drivers have the right to choose if they take a Stand-By fare

-Atomic Travel takes no responsibility if a bus fails to turn up at a Central point as the bus may already be full, or have a group booking -Stand-By fares cannot be Pre-Booked

-Drivers will still charge for bikes,skis,snowboards and excessive luggage depending on availability -These are only available on services operated by Atomic Travel.

Please note these are not available on the Christchurch to Greymouth (via Arthurs Pass) or Greymouth to Christchurch (via Arthurs Pass) leg but you can approach the driver at the, Christchurch Bus exchange or  Greymouth Railway Station, Greymouth for a walk up fare but will be the full price if seats are available. -Routes currently available for Stand-By fares (Available on services operated by Atomic Travel only)

Christchurch-Queenstown Return via Lake Tekapo (Tekapo)

Dunedin-Queenstown Return via Alexandra

Christchurch-Dunedin Return via Timaru Oamaru

Dunedin-Christchurch Return Via Oamaru Timaru

Christchurch-Picton Return from 7th November 2016 via Kaikoura, Blenheim