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Cancellation - refund conditions on standard fares

Please text cancellation through to 021-086-76001, stating name, order number, & date of travel, or leave a message, stating name, order number & date of travel.

If you cancel up to 12 hours prior to *departure time of service prior to the day of travel a minimum fee of $5.00 per person/ per booking* on all cancellations or a refund of 90% of ticket will be given.

If you cancel 12 hours prior to *departure time of service or on the day of travel a 50% refund will apply unless you have cancelled within 3 hours from the *departure time of service then no refund nor ticket re-issue will be given.

Note NB: Departure time is from the town of origin of each service. Eg: Christchurch-Dunedin am service departure time 7.45am, regardless of where you join the journey.

Cancellations within 3 hours of departure time of service no refund nor ticket re-issue will be given.

Within 12 hours prior to departure time of service a 50% transfer fee will be incurred.

Once a ticket has been transferred the ticket then becomes non-transferable and non-refundable. Within 12 hours of departure time of service a 50% transfer fee will be incurred.

Within 3 hours of "departure time of service", tickets then become non-transferable and non-refundable.

Bus Stops

Pick Up & Drop Off Conditions


  • Specials are from the central pick up point to central Drop off point.

  • Passengers to be ready 15 minutes prior to pick-up times.

  • All passengers must be clearly visible at pick-up points.

  • Pick-ups and drop-offs inside the 4-Avenues to Backpacker Hostels and hotel accommodation in Christchurch may incur a fee of $5.00 to $10.00. Pick up & Drop Offs may apply (morning service only)  No pick-ups and drop-offs outside Christchurch except on scheduled Route at designated drop off points and pick up points.

  •  Hostel pick-ups must be arranged before 7pm the night prior to travel.

  • Children will be charged full price if they require a seat. Babies and infants (less than 3 years old) are free, provided infants do not take a seat (sit on adults lap) one infant per adult, carried on the lap.You will still only have one passengers luggage allowance

  • Unaccompanied children: If the company has agreed to carry the child, then the policy is "ALL CARE & NO RESPONSIBILITY" for all children traveling under the age of 14. An adult must be present to put the child on the bus and an adult must be waiting at collection point at least 10 minutes prior to arrival. Contact phone numbers must be given for both origin and destination at time of booking.

  • All Luggage must be clearly labelled otherwise carried at owners own risk. We allow 1 bag (20-23kg) per person plus a small carry on. If you are transferring from one bus to another it is the passengers responsibility to make sure the bag is transferred.

  • Excess luggage $5 - $10 (drivers discretion no guarantees)

  • Bikes Pre-booked $25 (2 bikes only per run). Once a bike is booked the full ticket (travel & bike) becomes Non Transferable/ Non refundable. Own risk. No compensation will be given if the bikes are damaged in any way. Bikes must fit a standard bike rack. You can do this by texting your order number to 021-086-76001 or leaving a message on answer phone giving your Order number and Name and we will either text (nz Mobile only) or email confirmation back to you

  • If a passenger disembarks a bus for any reason without informing the driver, and the bus departs from the location Atomic Tours & Shuttles will take no responsibility for any costs incurred nor will the driver turn the bus around.

  • All runs subject to demand and weather.